combi-protec approved by OF&G for use in organic systems in England

Good news for organic berry growers in England!

Bad news for Spotted Wing Drosophila!

combi-protec can be used in organic systems for the management of Spotted wing drosophila in this season.

The OF & G certification team has approved combi-protec end of June.

Listed as Sticking and Wetting Agent in the UK (ADJ No. 0871), Listed for use in organic systems by OF & G (since 29. 6 . 2020) 

combi-protec is authorised for use with all authorised plant protection products on all edible crops provided that the statutory conditions of use for the pesticide are followed and that the pesticide is not used at more than 50% of the maximum approved rate for that application. combi-protec is also authorised for use with the above mentioned insecticides on all non-edible crops provided that the statutory conditions of use for the pesticide are followed. Do not use in mixes with other insecticides, fungicides, adjuvants, foliar fertilizers, or if conditions are not recommended for the partner insecticide.

How does combi-protec work?

combi-protec bait concentrate improves the oral uptake of insecticides in the management of Spotted Wing Drosophila and fruit flies. combi-protec works exclusively in combination with an insecticide.

What’s combi-protec?

  • Is an adjuvant for insecticide baits for various insects in fruit crops and grapes.
  • Combi-protec contains natural plant proteins with a high proportion of amino acids, polypeptides, minerals and vitamins.
  • Is insecticide-free and is applied in tank mixture with suitable insecticides
  • Can be used with a small amount of water on a part of the culture.
  • Reduces insecticide residues to a minimum

Recommended active ingredients for organic use

  • Spinosad (Tracer ®)

For standard systems, recommended insecticides containig active ingredients like

  • Acetamiprid (Mospilan ® SG)
  • Thiacloprid (Calypso ®)
  • Cyantraniliprol (Verimark/Exirel ®)

The uptake of combi-protec is mainly done by feeding and leads to an increased effect of the insecticide on the flies. An egg laying of fruit and vinegar flies is already prevented shortly after the oral uptake. In combination, the duration of action of the insecticides is extended to about 5-10 days. So that new spotted wing drosophila flying into theorchard do not come to the egg laying, a quick effect of the spray surface on the insects is important. Here, the benefits lie in a mixture of the insecticide with a bait like combi-protec. Even with the same concentration of applications and a fraction of the usually spent amount of insecticide, a much faster killing effect can be detected. 

Rates of use

combi-protec is used at a rate of maximum 5,0 % of the final spray. For the maximum number of treatments, latest time of application, follow the statutory conditions of use of the plant protection product.

Recommended insecticides and

spray volume

per hectare

1l combi-protec
in 20 lbait spray
1l combi-protec
in 500 lfull cover spray


5 ml

20 ml

100 ml 

400 ml

Gazelle®, Gazelle® SG

Aceta® 20SG, Acetamex® 20 SP

25 g
Verimark® 20 SC,

Benevia®10 OD* , Exirel®10 SE*

7,5 ml

15 ml

187 ml

375 ml


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