Combi-protec ® bait concentrate

Additive under Section 42 of Plant Protection Act for the production of bait insecticide mixtures

What technology can be used to use 20-40 litres of spray broth per hectare?

  • With the spray device?

  • With an ATV saddle device?

  • With the back spray device?

  • With a compressed air syringe?

Experience has now been gained for all types of equipment and adjusted advice recommendations can be made.  

Drop image after bait application with suitable nozzle

Evenly distributed bait dropletsThe aim of each application is to produce a reasonably even distribution of the bait droplets, in the area attractive for the pathogens. The best way to do this is flat-beam injector nozzles, which allow a good distribution of the bait droplets in the deciduous and grape zone.
Please click on the image to see the distribution of the droplets in the enlarged view.

Drop image with full beam without atomization-please don't!

Too coarse bait dropsSuch a coarse drip application is not suitable, as the cherry vinegar fly does not inadequately absorb bait. The droplets should come to lie in the immediate vicinity of the grapes. There is no lure effect over a distance of more than 10 cm! For fruit flies such as B. Cherry fruit fly or walnut fruit fly, combi-protec can be applied in this form. The biology of fruit flies allows a longer period of time to ingested in the fight against the insect. In the case of the cherry vinegar fly, which also migrates from the surrounding area and can start laying eggs immediately afterwards, a quick intake and effect within 24 hours is a prerequisite for a good combat success. Therefore, attention must be paid to a good distribution of the bait combination.

Spray device/ATV applications:

Two and four-line output (viticulture, stone and berry fruit)

Blowers switched off or at the smallest level:
Each spray device is suitable for application. For application in soft fruit, two nozzle holders per side are equipped with injector nozzles (preferably IDK 120-01 (orange)). For very dense stocks, it is recommended to work with light air support of the blower.  
In the stone fruit, the bait liquid can be applied with a nozzle occupancy as described above at the soft fruit and light air support. Alternatively, there are particularly taller trees, such as the one in which the trees are higher, such as the trees. B shaking cherries or 5 m spindle systems, the use of wide-throw nozzles without ventilation support. For this purpose, an ATR nozzle white or brown (link) is modified by distance discs (also called passport discs, see below), which are inserted between the nozzle bodies and nozzle insert. The distance discs have a total thickness of 0.6 mm. Instead of this nozzle can also be a dosing platelet or if not at hand-injector nozzle dosing inserts (suitable here are, among other things. The models of Albuz AVI, LECHLER IDK) with an opening of 01 (orange) to 02 (yellow). The spray beam is aligned with the top of the tree.
For trees up to 5 m tree height, a modified ATR nozzle per side is sufficient. Depending on the width of the gas, the nozzle is inserted into the nozzle mount at the bottom (in narrow streets can also cross over, i.e. from the bottom right direction left top of the tree is sprayed). The spray veil made of bait droplets should be applied over the entire tree if possible.
A combination with injector nozzles directed into the area of the base branches is also possible.
Winemaking-4 row application
A dosing plate (without a dark disc) or better, an albutz hollow cone nozzle modified with distance discs (0.6mm in total) is used at the lowest nozzle bracket to enter below the grape zone with a full beam into the adjacent vine line Syringes. Due to the driving speed, the full beam flows up and medium-sized droplets are created. Four rows of vines against the cherry vinegar fly can be treated with one pass!
The medium nozzle mount (at the level of the grape zone) is equipped with an injector noose-preferred IDK 120-01 (orange). This occupies the grape zone and the lower deciduous area with bait droplets in the ridden row.

It gets faster and cheaper, using the same technique, only with the quad (ATV)!

Combi-protec application atr

Speed and pressure table for injector jets

For use in e.g. B in vines, examples are listed here depending on the row distance in order to apply 20 litres of spray broth.


Speed and pressure table for modified ATR nozzles

ATR 80 modified print table

Download the table for injector nozzles

Combination method table ATR 80 combi-protec dinner table

My spray device brings too much pressure! -This is especially the case with older models. A constant pressure valve can remedy this situation. Shung onto the nozzle holder comes a constant pressure of 2 or 2. Either 3 bar. A detailed description can be found in the online shop.

Back spray device, back syringe

An application with the back spray device or a hand-held back syringe is also possible with the nozzles shown above.

Residual amounts of bait liquid:

It should be noted that depending on the type of pump, a certain amount of remaining remains in the barrel. This must be taken into account when applying the spray broth. As a rule, the residual flowering amount is calories 10 of the fresh water flushing tank. The remaining amount of spray broth can usually still be used 48 hours later.

ATR 80 modified

"300"] ATR 80 modified (at 2.5 bar)

Self-build kit jet carrier

This compilation serves as a stimulus for self-construction, but can also be purchased for self-assembly in the online shop.